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inMote app


Our application allows an user to control lights, blinds, door locks, sensors, avr equipment, among other things.


Mobile user interface for vera and global cache controllers

To provide such functionality inMote requires a Vera controller and global cache for infrared control. Our app comes out of the box with no extra payment with an IR database for common devices, has an in-app learning tool and the ability to create macros and to export them to LUA code so you can run them on Vera controllers and trigger scenes that integrate lighting equipment, sound systems, security alarms and other things.


We like to be around

Feel free to reach us at for custom channel lists and ir database inclusion. If you have ideas that can be integrated to our app we would like to hear from you.


Fast deployment is a must

We all hate to be seated for long periods of time trying to set up or figure out an application. We have developed easy and fast remote control creation tools, fast vera integration, channel lists and macro creation.


Updated user manual and documentation

Download our user guide to get all you need for fast and easy integration, you can get it with the link provided below in pdf format.

inMote users guide

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